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Important Boat Insurance Info

If you’ve purchased a boat, then you’ve made a serious investment. Do you enjoy spending time on the water? If so, then it’s smart to get boat insurance. Your boat should have coverage just like your house or car. Accidents happen – even to a boat. Do yourself a favor and get protection.


Comprehensive insurance can be purchased to protect your vessel from theft, vandalism, flooding, and fire damage. It’s also possible to claim insurance for your equipment or fishing gear stowed on board. There’s also protection against other boaters who don’t have insurance, and help for when an engine quits.


Liability should be the main thing you’re concerned with. An important reason to invest in this insurance is it covers you for liability when an individual is injured aboard your boat or your boat is involved in an accident which causes injury. You also want coverage that covers you if your boat hits something, runs aground, or damages the property of others such as the dock or another boat.

Influences on Coverage

You can obtain insurance for any type of boat - from yachts to speedboats and even live-aboard houseboats. Boat details the insurance agent will need to know to determine your coverage includes your age and health. They will also want to know the length and value of the vessel, along with its speed or horsepower. The condition of the boat matters as well, as does the usage of the boat. In other words, is the boat for business, pleasure or a primary residence?

The location where the boat will be is an influence as well. The insurance company cares if the boat will be on the ocean, on the bay, on a small lakefront or river. This will play a part in determining the cost of coverage. A boat that has one primary owner will not be insured the same as a boat that has several owners. The insurance company will consider many things before giving you a price for boat coverage.

The best thing about insurance is that it protects your investments. Most boats aren’t cheap. It’s smart to protect your investment by having insurance. Speak with an insurance agent for more help about types of coverage available.

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