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What is Recreational Vehicle Insurance?

A recreational vehicle is a vehicle that is used for recreational purposes. A motor home is a good example. It’s a vehicle, but people can go on vacation and live in the motor home while on the road. Recreational vehicle insurance is insurance coverage for these types of vehicles. It can be a motor home, camper, travel trailer and a few other types of vehicles. It’s not the same as auto insurance, and is specifically for recreational vehicles.

This type of insurance is important because recreational vehicles suffer damages just like any other vehicle. Comprehensive coverage for accidents, damage, theft, and loss is needed for recreational vehicles. This coverage protects the vehicle owner as well as others impacted by the incident. Coverage also pays for damages in the case of a fire or theft. In addition to covering the basics, insurance can also cover items like attached antennas and personal belongings contained in the vehicle. Roadside assistance and towing might also be available.

As for coverage, most people opt for comprehensive coverage, which covers sudden and accidental loss such as theft, fire, and similar circumstances. If you want to cover just about everything, then comprehensive is the option for you.

Recreational vehicles are more advanced, and that means insurance must keep up. Some vehicles can have attached property, such as rooftop air conditioners or satellite dishes. In that case you must make sure the policy includes coverage for such items.

Your options depend on how you use the vehicle. Do you live in the vehicle full time? Is it parked until you’re ready for vacation? How much is the vehicle worth? All of these things, and more, will determine your cost and how much coverage you need.

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